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Sunday, 30 March 2014

ARY DIGITAL Got Hacked By Pakistan Haxors Crew

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These days Black Hat Hacking is at rise in Cyber World , Hacker's Concentrating on Defacing and Harming the admin data , Many High Profile sites hacked day by day .
Same thing happen by Pakistani Hackers , A Group of Pakistani hackers Known as
                                     " Pakistan Haxors Crew"
" H4$N4!N H4X0R " from Pakistan Haxors Crew Hacked into Famous Pakistan TV Channel website
"Ary Digital" .

Hacker didn't clear the reason for hack and deface the site , just he left the message that the site security is too low . That's why hackers targeted that site and give them a security warning .
There were a page added into the site , the main site " " didn't hacked the hacker add a page by name of " " and left the message and waring for the site admin .

At the time of writing the site was still hacked and showing the hacker defaced page , Following is the screen shot the site was showing at the defaced time .

link :
Mirror :

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