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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Arab Hackers Breach Israeli Cyberspace and Threaten Israeli Journalists.


Recently, Muslim hackers breached Israeli cyberspace and comprised Following this attack, hundreds of Israeli citizen and journalists have been receiving threatening text sms warning them of grave consequences and possible retaliation if Israel continues in occupying Gaza.

 Time of Israel has been tracing the activity and suggests that the hundreds phone numbers of citizens and journalists who are receiving SMS had been stolen when Israeli defense forum was compromised last month. Some of text msgs received by Israeli reads as follows: " ‘revenge’, “a warning to the Zionists, the al-Qassam rockets are waiting for you”, “Al-Qassam has chosen you to be the next Shalite (sic),” a reference to Gilad Shalit, an Israeli soldier kidnapped by Palestinians.
The message below the photo caption read: Ten years ago, Ismail Ahmed Yassin, our leader, was killed by three missiles as he left a mosque after morning prayers. This is a reminder that we do not forget our Sheikh’s blood on your hands. We vow once again that we will take revenge, and cut off the heads of your commanders.”

They gave stern warnings:
"Missiles killed our Sheikh and now, our missiles will hit every place in the State of Israel. Know that the next war will see the end of your country.” Furthermore, hacked email address of Israel's defense fourm is also sending threating emails to its subscribers. So far Israeli cyber security agencies have been unable to stop these sms.
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Ecuador President's twitter got hacked.


Hacktivism has been finding momentum these days. Hackers are actively targeting high profile websites and social networking accounts to propagate their ideologies. 
Ecuador President Rafael Correa's twitter account was hacked last day and the hacker posted messages and linked that criticized his government and its policies. 
 One of the messages featured a link to an Anonymous Ecuador webpage on which were posted emails allegedly intercepted from government officials that related to security and intelligence matters. Correa has accused left wing of hacking his account and of promoting hatred.
 Ecuador's Interior Ministry and the National Intelligence Secretariat has denounced the attack saying it is intolerable. 
Mr Correa is an active twitter user with 1.5 million followers. Several of msgs posted on his account by the hacker have now been removed. Correa has told that his email address was also comprised last year but he recovered it and had to change the password. 
He condemned the attack saying, " "Apparently the attacks are by the extreme right of certain foreign countries, in complicity with unscrupulous national opponents."
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ARY DIGITAL Got Hacked By Pakistan Haxors Crew


These days Black Hat Hacking is at rise in Cyber World , Hacker's Concentrating on Defacing and Harming the admin data , Many High Profile sites hacked day by day .
Same thing happen by Pakistani Hackers , A Group of Pakistani hackers Known as
                                     " Pakistan Haxors Crew"
" H4$N4!N H4X0R " from Pakistan Haxors Crew Hacked into Famous Pakistan TV Channel website
"Ary Digital" .

Hacker didn't clear the reason for hack and deface the site , just he left the message that the site security is too low . That's why hackers targeted that site and give them a security warning .
There were a page added into the site , the main site " " didn't hacked the hacker add a page by name of " " and left the message and waring for the site admin .

At the time of writing the site was still hacked and showing the hacker defaced page , Following is the screen shot the site was showing at the defaced time .

link :
Mirror :

View the original article here

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Exclusive : its not only Hackers , Journalists are also targeting other journalists


Watch out Journalists! Some journalists are after you.
 C-net article by Don Reisinger , " Watch out, journalists: Hackers are after you claims many of the journalist-turned hackers are spying on other journalists to steal reports and classified information of their media outlet. 
Report is followed Google research which claimed that hackers are increasing targeting journalist to steal sensitive information. However its not just hackers who are behind journalists, but some Journalists are also behind other journalists. 
The revelation was made at the Black Hat Conference convenrd at Singapore in which three French journalists were expelled after they were accused of spy on the journalists' email accounts. All of these three French journalists work for the French publication Global Security Magazine. 

The French journalists captured what they claimed were usernames and passwords of reporters from at least two media outlets — eWeek and CNET News, according to that March 28, 2014 article, " Watch out, journalists: Hackers are after you ."
 The eWeek reporter told organizers his login credentials looked like they were legitimate, while the CNET information appeared to be bogus, the C- Net article reported. Black Hat attendees are warned that the conference's public wireless network is being monitored by hackers. This is most shocking to have surfaced so far about online security.
 For the first time WhoGotHacked has come to learn that its not just hackers who target journalists, but Journalists are also targeting other journalists and their personal information. The fact will greatly undermine the credibility of journalism and media franchise around the world.

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Facebook will launch drones and satellites


Facebook plans to launch a fleet of drones to out-compete the technology giant Google. In the fast growing world of IT, survival of companies depends upon the number of followers and customers. 
In a bid to increase Facebook users, the CEO Mark Zuker berg has announced in a blog post that the company has planned to launch drones which will provide the remote areas, especially of third world countries, with hassle free internet access. 
Apparently this has been decided to out-compete Google which had launched internet balloons last year in Switzerland. Last year, Facebook and other technology companies had launched to provide internet to unprivileged masses.
 Facebook is perusing its goal of connecting over 1.2 billion people to facebook before the end of the decade. Facebook has been already working hard with multiple stakeholders around the world to increase its users. Last year Facebook had teamed up with Philippines and Paraguay to increase its users in that region. 

Yet Zuckerberg believe that increasing Facebook users will also require state of Art technology. This technology includes Drones, geosynchronous satellites and infra-laser beams to provide easy and censor-free internet access to people.
 In this regard, Facebook had hired the services of experts including a five-member team that worked at British firm Ascenta, whose founders developed the Zephyr, which holds the record for the longest-flying solar- powered unmanned aircraft. Also to bring the project to fruition, Facebook has set up a Connectivity Lab that will include experts in aerospace and communication technology, from Nasa's jet propulsion lab and its Ames research center.
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Full Disclosure mailing list coming back , started again from scratch


Full Disclosure, an open online forum for sharing 0days, exploits and vulnerabilities, is coming back after a temporary suspension. It now comes back online with a new vision and under a new owner. Full Disclosure (aka F-D) had been a famous online security research forum since 2002 when it was taken down by its owner John Cartwright on 19 March due to what he called "Some legal formalities". F-D had to face closure when it mistakenly published an email containing 0days ,which a Danish Security Company " Secunia," claimed had been the it's copyrighted material. 

However, one of the F-D's founder and owner of various other security forums, Gordon Lyon (aka Fyodor) has decided to bring the forum online again "with new vision". He said that he had enough experience to handle legalities. It would be quite difficult for me to cope up with these threats, He said. He told that F-D as an forum could be closed but it couldn't be closed as a philosophy.
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South Korea Detects Suspected North Korea Hacking Attempt.


South Korean defense ministry has accused North Korea of breaking into its military servers. Defense Ministery official told AFP that an infected notebook belonging to a defense Ministery journalist was used last Thursday to break into its military network but attack was detected before it could gain access to confidential military data resources. 
 This is the second time Seoul blamed North Korea for attacking its online assets. On March 20 last year, Seoul had also accused North Korea of breaching its military, civil and financial institutions. 
 Defense Ministry Spokesman told AFP that in recent years, hackers had used malware deployments and virus-carrying emails for cyber attacks on South Korean military institutions, commercial banks, government agencies, TV broadcasters and media websites.
 North Korea is believe to have a well organized and fully equipped elite cyber force consisting if 3000 personal. However, North Korean deny such allegations calling them fabricated reports to increase the tensions between two countries.
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Philip's Smart TV got Hacked! vulnerable to serious vulnerabilities

Hack the TV. Philip's Smart TVs open to serious vulnerabilities . It was common for a website, a computer or a mobile to be hacked before. But now its also possible to hack an Internet connection enabled Philip's smart tv. Luigi Auriemma, a researcher with Malta-based ReVuln suggested how the latest Philip smart TVs, that have a feature known as Miracast that allows the TVs to act as WiFi ,can be remotely accessed.
 Miracast framework allows the users to connect their cell phone to view its display on larger screen of the tv. The same feature also create a bug which can be exploited by hackers to comprise not only TVs but also any device ( USB ) attached to it. 
The only thing the hacker would have to do is to crack Miracast password. Auriemma has practically demonstrated the proof of concept in a video in which he shows that how hackers can steal cookies, can shuffle the tv channels and how they can also play porn videos infront of family members sitting in a tv lounge before Philip's smart TVs. Remarkably, the vulnerability in the Philips TVs was introduced in a firmware version released in December. Auriemma has since confirmed that the vulnerability exists in the current firmware, version QF2EU-, when it runs on model 55PFL6008S TVs.

 Beginning with the December update, there was no way for users to change the hard- coded password that nearby devices must have to access the Miracast network. He said he believes all 2013 Smart TV models from Philips are also at risk because they use the same susceptible firmware. Auriemma has stress the need that Philip should release a security update to secure this bug. 
He said in virtual world where companies like Facebook and Google spend millions of dollars for security, the newcomer should also realize their responsibility that they owe to people's security and privacy and should never compromise on anything when it comes to online security of their customers.
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German Chancellor Angela Merkel Under NSA Surveillance


NSA had over 300 reports on German Chancellor.

 Claims a German newspaper A German Weekly, Der Spiegel, reported on Saturday that it has a documented proof, citing Snowden, that US security agency, NSA, amassed more than 300 reports on German Chancellor Angela Merkel. On its website, Der Spiegel, wrote that Merkel had been in the list of about 122 countries' heads who the NSA had been spying on since 2009.
 Der Spiegel further said it had seen documents showing the more than 300 reports on Merkel along with the presidents of Peru, Somalia and Belarus. The report can also serve an important proof for the German judiciary to look into the case of espionage.
 It is worth remaining here that relations between USA and Germany were quite strained in Oct 2013 by the Snowden disclosure, in which he told that NSA had been spying on Merkel for several years. However, tensions were mitigated between the two countries after Obama assured Merkel of reforms in US security policy.

View the original article here

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Google Public DNS Intercepted by ISPs in Turkey


Google's Domain Name Service DNS has been intercepted by majority of Internet Service Providers ISPs in Turkey. Google’s Public DNS resolution service lets people use the search giant’s DNS servers as alternative to other DNS providers, often ISPs, for security and freedom from censorship. 
 According to Google’s Steven Carstensen, Turkish ISPs have set up servers that are essentially masquerading as Google’s DNS service. 
 “We have received several credible reports and confirmed with our own research that Google’s Domain Name System (DNS) service has been intercepted by most Turkish ISPs (Internet Service Providers),” Carstensen wrote in a blog post Saturday afternoon. “Google operates DNS servers because we believe that you should be able to quickly and securely make your way to whatever host you’re looking for, be it YouTube, Twitter, or any other,” Carstensen wrote. “But imagine if someone had changed out your phone book with another one, which looks pretty much the same as before, except that the listings for a few people showed the wrong phone number.” That’s exactly what the Turkish ISPs have done. 

 Turkish government has blocked both Twitter and YouTube a few days before. Sources claim that the government has blocked YouTube to prevent the spread of videos that allegedly feature the Turkish defense Minster and Intelligence chief talking about possible military invasion of Syria to protect the tomb of Suleiman Shah, the grandfather of the founder of the Ottoman Dynasty.
 Meanwhile, Defense Ministry Spokesman, Davutoglu told AFP on Wednesday "Turkey is ready to take any legitimate step under international law if its national security, including the area where the tomb of Suleyman Shah is situated, is threatened," Davutoglu told AFP on Wednesday.

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University of Wisconsin got Hacked 15,000 students data at risk


Recently, University of Wisconsin has been notifying its students that its server had been compromised by an unknown hacker.
 The university believes the hacker has stolen the critical information of over 15000 of its students. The data potentially exposed includes the names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses and Social Security numbers of students who were admitted or enrolled at UW-Parkside since the fall of 2010. The university authorities came to know about the breach on March 16, 2014 when its staff was undertaking routine maintenance of the lab.
 The infected sever was immediately shut down and the forensic company 402 Labs has been hired to probe the case. UW-Parkside CIO Ilya Yakovlev said in a statement that they apologize for any inconvenience that this attack might cause to the students or their family member. He also advised the student to reevaluate their data especially financial statement , so that the loss of any financial resources might be prevented.
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Yahoo might be releasing an online video platform


Yahoo's planning to launch an online video platform in the upcoming months. It intends to fill that online video platform with same faces and professionally made clips but the thing is HOW ? They'll be doing by poaching some of the biggest stars of Youtube , according to Recode. Yahoo is offering them large guaranteed rates for the videos. Yahoo even promised them extensive marketing  and a chance to promote their videos by putting them on Yahoo's well trafficked home-page.

Yahoo's video service would not be open to everyone as Recode is saying that it will be not like Youtube which allows everyone to upload videos, The websites source claims that Yahoo might develop its own content management system or acquire some existing online video platforms like Vimeo , Dailymotion etc to make service available to more people. However , Yahoo won't be able to beat YouTube as almost 70-75% of people around the world use YouTube daily and many of them use YouTube to learn something as YouTube is full of different kind of tutorials related to programming even.

Still , Its not sure that will Yahoo be able to beat YouTube or not as both companies are well trafficked and famous but still if we look at popularity , YouTube is more famous then Yahoo as we can see that YouTube is on the rank 3 all around the world and Yahoo is on rank 4 all around the world. Well , We're not confirm that the upcoming video platform by Yahoo would be end-to-end secure and we're not sure If yahoo would sell our data / documents to NSA as Microsoft did as we saw some invoices between Microsoft and FBI leaked by SEA.

View the original article here

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Linux Worm targets Internet-enabled Home appliances to Mine Cryptocurrencies

Linux Worm targets Internet-enabled Home appliances to Mine CryptocurrenciesCould a perfectly innocent looking device like router, TV set-top box or security cameras can mine Bitcoins? YES! Hackers will not going to spare the Smart Internet-enabled devices.A Linux worm named Linux.Darlloz, earlier used to target Internet of Things (IoT) devices, i.e. Home Routers, Set-top boxes, Security Cameras, printers and Industrial control systems; now have been upgraded to mine Crypto Currencies like Bitcoin.Security Researcher at Antivirus firm Symantec spotted the Darlloz Linux worm back in November and they have spotted the latest variant of the worm in mid-January this year.Linux.Darlloz worm exploits a PHP vulnerability (CVE-2012-1823) to propagate and is capable to infect devices those run Linux on Intel’s x86 chip architecture and other embedded device architectures such as PPC, MIPS and MIPSEL.The latest variant of Linux.Darlloz equipped with an open source crypto currency mining tool called 'cpuminer', could be used to mine Mincoins, Dogecoins or Bitcoins.Symantec Researchers scanned the entire address space of the Internet and found 31,716 devices infected with Darlloz. "By the end of February 2014, the attacker mined 42,438 Dogecoins (approximately US$46 at the time of writing) and 282 Mincoins (approximately US$150 at the time of writing). These amounts are relatively low for the average cybercrime activity so, we expect the attacker to continue to evolve their threat for increased monetization." Kaoru Hayashi, senior development manager and threat analyst with Symantec in Japan.Major infected countries are China, the U.S., South Korea, Taiwan and India.Linux Worm targets Internet-enabled Home appliances to Mine CryptocurrenciesCrypto Currency typically requires more memory and a powerful CPUs, so the malware could be updated to target other IoT devices in the future, such as home automation devices and wearable technology.

A Few weeks back, Cisco has announced a global and industry-wide initiative to bring the Security community and Researchers together to contribute in securing the Internet of Things (IoT) and launched a contest called the "Internet of Things Grand Security Challenge", offering prizes of up to $300,000 for winners.

Users are advised to update firmware and apply security patches for all software installed on computers or Internet-enabled devices. Make sure, you are not using default username or password for all devices and block port 23 or 80 from outside if not required.
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Indian Banks may switch to Linux, rather than taking extended Windows XP Support


Indian Banks Choose Linux for ATMs, rather than taking extended Windows XP Support

As we have reported you earlier that Microsoft is pulling out their Windows XP support after April 8 2014. Since a vast majority of bank ATMs around the world currently runs on Windows XP, but if they’ll continue sticking to it after the deadline, then they’ll be exposed to all kinds of security threats, as Microsoft will no longer provide the security patches thereafter.Many countries’ Banks have got a way out, many banks have arranged or are in the process of arranging extended support for Windows XP for which they are ready to pay Microsoft millions of dollars, but may be not in the case of India. Yes, India will never feed Microsoft for providing extra support to the older version; rather they could switch over to the Linux operating system.India has around 115,000 ATMs across the country at present and the counts will go up in coming days, but the end of life for XP will not affect banks and functioning of ATMs as the financial institutions across the country are well prepared for life without the much popular OS, according to the Indian Banks Association (IBA).

ATMs will continue to run the outdated system for some time past the expiration date, thanks to Windows Embedded powering ATMs, cash registers. According to Microsoft, Windows XP Embedded is less susceptible to viruses, and the company is providing support for it until early 2016.

IBA says neither branches nor cash vending machines will be shut down once Microsoft stops support for the system from April 8. Many Banks have already moved to Windows 7, or are in the process of moving, which will require hardware upgrades and some are considering to choose Linux. These hardware upgrades and software enhancements might be a costly headache for ATM manufacturers and banks, but the improvements are a win for customers who use these machines on a daily basis. "Banks are definitely well-prepared and the industry is seized of the matter. I am very sure that you will not see a problem where ATMs or bank counters are shut because of this," said the industry lobby's chief executive MV Tanksale at an event in Mumbai. "Only the old ATMs may face some problem as all the newer machines are running on newer platforms," he added. Indian banks do not themselves operate their ATMs, rather outsource them to third-party vendors like Diebold and NCR.Girish Chavan, national manager of Diebold said, "all ATMs are not connected to the Internet so a hacker would need to reach it through the bank’s network,....and to breach a bank’s firewall is not easy.” But maybe firms are underestimating the tactics of hackers and cybercriminals, who are always one step ahead in hacking ATMs and defeating all current security mechanisms.A few months back it was revealed at the Chaos Computing Congress that hackers in Europe are targeting ATM Machines using Malware-loaded USB drives to steal money.The malware infection rate for Windows XP is already almost six times higher than Windows 8 systems. So, to switch on to the other operating system will benefit the organizations and financial institutions.

Moreover, Indian ATM manufacturer Vortex offers a low-power Linux based system called Ecoteller, for example, that's being used in developing countries.

The Reserve Bank of India had highlighted the issue on Tuesday, saying banking operations may be hit once the Windows XP gets phased out.

"Banks are definitely well prepared and the industry is seized of the matter. I am very sure that you will not see a problem where ATMs or bank counters are shut because of this," chief executive MV Tanksale said.

"The probability of attacks on such a system may increase and it may be difficult to defend such attacks in the absence of Microsoft support," RBI had said in a circular to banks. The Tamil Nadu State Government's has recently advised all its departments to move on to free open source software BOSS Linux as a key benefit of it will ultimately be a huge saving to the government."Consider installing BOSS (Bharat Operating System Solutions) Linux as one of the mandatory operating system," said the order issued by the TN Information Technology Department. "The huge investment cost involved in purchasing closed source software (such as Windows XP) may be avoided, which in turn translates into huge savings for the government," the order stated.
So, if your Bank is planning to upgrade their ATMs, should it be Windows 7/8 or Linux??
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How to access Twitter in Turkey - #TwitterisBlockedinTurkey

Twitter, the biggest Social Media platform used for vital communication is now banned in Turkey from the last few days, after Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan promised to root out the social media service during an election rally this week with the help of a court order.
“Twitter and so on, we will root them out. The international community can say this or that – I don’t care. They will see the power of the Turkish Republic.”
After the ban imposed on Twitter late on Thursday, millions of Turkey users began using Google’s DNS service to bypassing censorship, that briefly helped Turks stay connected to Twitter.Turkey Government is trying to close all the possible loopholes that had allowed users to circumvent the ban and finally today the authorities have also blocked the Google DNS service ( and, However the number of tweets jumped 138% in the last 24 Hours and almost 2.5 million tweets have been posted from the country after the ban imposed.Why Turkey Government Banned Twitter?According to media reports, Earlier this month a voice recording of the prime minister was leaked on YouTube and Twitter, which include the audio of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan instructing his son to dispose of large amounts of cash in the midst of a police investigation.Erdogan has dismissed most of the audio recordings as a vile montage put together by his political rivals. Twitter reportedly refused to delete incriminating audio of him. s;“Twitter has been used as a means to carry out systematic character assassinations by circulating illegally acquired recordings, fake and fabricated records of wiretapping,” the prime minister’s office of public diplomacy said in a statement.Turkey has blocked access to YouTube in the past, but this is the first ban on Twitter, which is hugely popular in the country.Use alternate DNS: Turkey users can use following alternate DNS servers to access Twitter:
Comodo Secure DNS
OpenDNS Home3
DNS Advantage
Norton ConnectSafe4
Hurricane Electric10
Access Twitter via SMS: Turkish users can also send Tweets using SMS. "Avea and Vodafone text START to 2444. Turkcell text START to 2555."#TwitterisblockedinTurkey is trending globally as free-speech supporters around the world voiced their concerns. Some related tweets are shown below:Learn How to access Twitter in Turkey | #TwitterisBlockedinTurkeyLearn How to access Twitter in Turkey | #TwitterisBlockedinTurkeyUPDATE:TWITTER Hired LAWYER to fight Turkey GovernmentHowever, President Abdullah Gul is also in talks with Twitter to reach a speedy resolution to the block on the website in Turkey.Twitter has taken action against the Turkish government’s blocking of access to it and hired a lawyer expert 'Gönenç Gürkaynak' in litigations related to Cyberlaw, who met with officials from Turkey’s Telecommunications Authority (TIB) in Ankara on behalf of Tweeter.Learn How to access Twitter in Turkey | #TwitterisBlockedinTurkeyUnion of Turkish Bar Associations (TBB) filed a petition in an Istanbul court for the lifting of the ban. “A total ban on Twitter access is a violation of the European Convention on Human Rights, the Turkish Constitution and Law 5651 that includes Internet regulations. The TTB has applied to the courts for the immediate lifting of the ban. In addition, criminal complaints have been filed for those responsible for the ban ruling and the officials who applied the ban,” TBB head Metin Feyzioglu said in a statement.


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Hacker's Dome - Gamification the Information Security

When it comes to Information Security, there's a great way to learn, train and keep sharp your skills. This can be done using gamification mechanics to speed up the learning curve and improve retention rate. Capture The Flag competitions use gamification mechanics and represent one of the best ways to learn security hands on.

The Infosec team behind Capture The Flag platform CTF365 has created a place for hackers to play weekend CTFs with great prizes, called Hacker's Dome. In order to access the Hacker's Dome, you need is a registered and confirmed CTF365 account. 

At Hacker's Dome CTF Platform users can deploy their own CTFs and can invite web developers, system administrators and security professionals to take hard challenges. Think RackSpace, of CTF Competitions. Hacker's Dome - First Blood: First Blood is the first CTF and will start on May 17 2014 15:00 UTC and winners will win more than $6000 in prizes.

If Information Security gamification got your attention, then all you have to do is to get your Hacker's Dome Access and prepare for First Blood CTF. 

1-Year Metasploit Pro for Everyone: All Hacker's Dome competition participants will get 'Full Year Metasploit Pro License'  as Raffle King Prize. "The fact that Metasploit gave us the opportunity to run a raffle off such great King Prize, makes us proud of what we've done and it encourages us to keep up our good work." team said.
Give it a try! Registrations are open for Hacker's Dome and it could become your weekend IT Security trainer - where fun, entertainment and awesome prizes will be at its best. Stay secure while having fun.Follow me on Google+, Twitter or Contact via Email.

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Over 20Gbps DDoS attacks now become common for Hackers

Over 20Gbps DDoS attacks now become common for HackersThe Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack has become more sophisticated and complex and therefore has become one of favorite weapon for the cyber criminals to temporarily suspend the services of any host connected to the Internet and till now nearly every big site had been a victim of this attack, from WordPress to online game websites.According to the new report released by a US based security solutions provider Incapsula, DDOS activities have become threefold since the start of the year 2013, pointing the key source of trash traffic to be the remotely controlled “zombie army” that can be used to flood various websites for DDoS attacks and other malicious activities.The report site as “DDOS Threat Landscape”, explains that almost one in every three DDoS attacks is above 20Gbps and 81% of attacks feature multiple vector threats.

The attackers are becoming more skillful at working around the network security and reusing their DDOS Botnets to attack multiple targets i.e. around 30% of the Botnets are flooding more than 50 targets a month.
“As early as February 2013 we were able to track down a single-source 4Gbps attacking server, which – if amplified – could alone have generated over 200Gbps in attack traffic,” the company said in its report.
Over 20Gbps DDoS attacks now become common for Hackers
“With such available resources it is easy to explain the uptick in attack volume we saw over the course of the year.”

Attackers are widely using two types of SYN flood attacks, i.e. regular SYN packets and large SYN packets. According to the report, 75% of all large scale network DDoS attacks that are peaking above 20Gbps are using both types of SYN flooding at same time.

However, currently amplification attacks became the most commonly used attack vector for large scale network DDoS attacks. During January and February of 2014 a significant increase in the number of NTP Amplification attacks was noted and Some statistics are also revealed an evolution of Application DDOS attacks, DDOS traffic is up by 240%, "in almost 30% of all recorded sessions, the DDoS bots Incapsula encountered were able to accept and store cookies, while 0.8% of these bots could also execute JavaScript."Over 20Gbps DDoS attacks now become common for HackersIn terms of emerging threats, the report titled “hit-and-run” DDoS attacks, which were first documented in April 2013 and are the part of another parallel trend of attacks that were specifically designed to exploit vulnerabilities in DDoS protection services and human IT operators.“These attacks, which rely on frequent short bursts of traffic, are specifically designed to exploit the weakness of services that were designed for manual triggering (e.g., GRE tunneling to DNS re-routing),” report reads. “Hit-and-run attacks are now changing the face of anti-DDoS industry, pushing it towards always-on integrated solutions.”Over 20Gbps DDoS attacks now become common for HackersAround one-third of all Botnets are located in India, China and Iran. The report ranks the United States as number five in the list of ‘Top 10’ attacking countries.

In order to infiltrate systems bots are using spoofed user-agents, which help them to bypass low-level filtering solutions and about 46% of spoofed user-agents came from Chinese search engine Baidu, while nearly 12% mimicked Google.

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Philips Smart TVs vulnerable to Screen Hijack and Cookie Theft

Philips Smart TVs vulnerable to Screen Hijack and Cookie TheftPrevious articles on The Hacker News have highlighted that How Internet of Things (IoT) opens your home to cyber threats.

Recently the security researchers from vulnerability research firm ReVuln published a video demonstration shows that Philips Smart TV is prone to cyber attacks by hackers.

According to the researchers, some versions of Philips Smart TV with latest firmware update are wide open to hackers and also vulnerable to cookie theft.

The fault is in a feature called Miracast, that allows TVs to act as a WiFi access point with a hard-coded password ‘Miracast,’ and allows devices nearby within the range to connect the device for receiving the screen output.

“The main problem is that Miracast uses a fixed password, doesn't show a PIN number to insert and, moreover, doesn't ask permission to allow the incoming connection,” Luigi Auriemma, CEO and security researcher at ReVuln, told SCMagazine.

The vulnerability allows an attacker within the device’s WiFi range to access its various features. The potential attacker can:
Access the TV's configuration filesAccess files stored on USB devices attached to the TVReplace the image on screen with video or images of its choiceControl the TVs via an external remote control applicationSteal website authentication cookies from the TV's browser“So basically you just connect directly to the TV via WiFi, without restrictions. Miracas is enabled by default and the password cannot be changed.” Luigi said.
The Researchers tested the flaw on Philips 55PFL6008S TV, but believe that many 2013 models are also affected because of the same firmware installed.

However, such attacks are not possible to happen in the wild, but if your neighbor is enough smart and knows your WiFi password, then either you should change your password to stronger one or turn off the Miracast feature on your Philips Smart TV.

Philip says, "Our experts are looking into this and are working on a fix. In the meantime, we recommend customers to switch off their Miracast function of the TV to avoid any vulnerability."

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Multiple Vulnerabilities in Firefox for Android Leak Sensitive Information


Multiple vulnerabilities in Firefox for Android Leak Sensitive Information

The Android operating system has hardened its security with application Sandboxing features to ensure that no application can access sensitive information held by another without proper privileges.

Android applications communicate with each other through Intents and these intents can be abused by hackers to provide a channel for a malicious application to inject malicious data into a target, potentially vulnerable application.

Security Researchers at IBM have discovered multiple vulnerabilities in Firefox for Android platform that allow a malicious application to leak the sensitive information related to the user's profile.

Android's Firefox app stores the personal data at following location:

Where the random name for user's profile is used to prevent unwanted access to this directory in case of Firefox exploitation.Researchers developed an exploit to brute-force the Firefox profile directory name in a practical amount of time CVE-2014-1516) and successfully bypassed Android’s sandbox to obtain the sensitive data reside in that directory, including users' cookies, browsing history and cache information.

For successful exploitation, an attacker can create a specially crafted HTML file, that will force Firefox to load the files including inside the user profile directory using an Intent.

The JavaScript code in the HTML file will download any file under the user profile directory by creating an iframe, using the vulnerability dubbed as CVE-2014-1515 (explained below).

Multiple vulnerabilities in Firefox for Android Leak Sensitive Information

Downloaded files with the exploit code will be saved automatically to the SD card at location /mnt/sdcard/Download, that can be read by the attacker using any malicious Android app.

1.) Profile Directory Name Weak Randomization (CVE-2014-1516) - The Attacker who knows the seed of the Pseudo-Random Number Generator (PRNG) can easily predict its output and eventually the generated Firefox Profile name.
Multiple vulnerabilities in Firefox for Android Leak Sensitive Information2.) Profile Directory Name Leaks to Android System Log (CVE-2014-1484) - Android operating system writes the randomly generated Firefox user's Profile Directory Name in the Android System Log (logcat) at various locations, that can be used to steal private information.
Multiple vulnerabilities in Firefox for Android Leak Sensitive InformationIn Android version 4.0 and below, installed apps with READ_LOGS permission can easily read Android system logs to identify the name of the Firefox user profile folder.

3.) Automatic File Download to SD Card (CVE-2014-1515) - Firefox for Android will download any file automatically to the SD card, if not of any known extension. Malicious apps with READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission can read files from the SD card to extract non-renderable data such as the cookies database.

4.) Crash Reporter File Manipulation (CVE-2014-1506) - In cases where the application crashes, Firefox sends the crash dumps located in /data/data/org.mozilla.firefox/files/mozilla/Crash Reports/pending on the device file system. Using the exploit, an attacker can manipulate the crash report file path to the Android Log file in order to steal it. Researchers have also explained second way to hack user data using this vulnerability.

Researchers have already reported these vulnerabilities to the Mozilla and three out of four are already been patched in the latest versions. Android users with Firefox installed in the device are advised to upgrade it to Mozilla Firefox 28.0 or later from the Google Play app store.

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Saturday, 29 March 2014

Microsoft employee arrested in Seattle for Leaking the Code


A former Microsoft employee has been arrested in Seattle. The company accused him of leaking Windows 8 to a French tech blogger.Russian national Alex Kibkalo, an ex-Microsoft employee in Lebanon and Russia, is currently facing criminal charges after passing trade secrets to an unnamed blogger.

Alex Kibkalo, when a software architect for Microsoft, leaked areas of Home windows 8 code and also the package needed to activate the program. The un named French blogger then released screenshots from the unreleased OS for everybody to determine. The worker accepted to Microsoft security he provided private corporate data towards the blogger. Not surprisingly enough, he was asked to wash out his desk.

The title from the blogger remains unknown, however the court papers read that she or he was well-noted for posting screenshots of pre-release form of the OS. However , the blogger hid their identity stating wrongly that they are from Quebec. A legal court papers also state that Microsoft discovered unauthorized transmissions of proprietary and private trade tips for the blogger: its security experts found an e-mail from Kibkalo inside the writers Hotmail account.

Even though the blogger only released screenshots of Home windows 8 (though they spread broadly online), the worker can also be charged with encouraging the blogger to write the activation package, a vital area of the companys anti-piracy system.

The blogger published the leaked particulars on Twitter and blog and offered Home windows Server activation secrets on eBay. Microsoft claims that in summer time 2012, Alex Kibkalo submitted proprietary software including pre-release software updates of Home windows 8 RT and ARM products, and also the Microsoft Activation Server Software Development Package to some PC in Washington and subsequently to their own Home windows Live Sky Drive account, used to personalize the merchandise code to make sure proper validation within the product key activation process.

Media reports say that Kibkalo was caught after the blogger contacted Microsoft to make sure the leaked Windows 8 code was authentic. 
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United States Of America Indicted 3 Hackers


Three people were charged with getting involved in an worldwide cyber crime ring,which attempted to steal over $15 million by hacking into American customer accounts at 14 banking institutions along with the Department of Protection payroll service. These folks happen to be indicted through the U . s . States.

Two Ukrainians, Oleksiy Sharapka, 33, and Leonid Yanovitsky, 39, along with a US citizen, Richard Gundersen, 47, were indicted through the U . s . States on charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, conspiracy to commit access device fraud and id theft, and irritated id theft. Initially there have been eight people billed, but one of these was removed of billed and also the other four either pleaded responsible for still face them.

US Attorney described the gang compromised into accounts hold through the clients of numerous banking institutions, including Citibank, PayPal, E*Trade, JP Morgan Chase Bank, Nordstrom Bank, USA, and much more leading services. Their email list even includes the Defense Departments finance and accounting service.

The United States court will hear the way the trio acquired unauthorized use of systems and diverted customer funds to accounts and pre-compensated an atm card. Apparently, they employedcashers to create ATM distributions and pretend purchases in a number of US states. Following this, the people from the gang used stolen details to file for false tax statements and stated for refunds using the Irs.

The scam went for over a year  from 2012, when Sharapka was deported after serving over seven years in america prison, to the center of 2013. Based on prosecutors,Sharapka went the conspiracy with the aid of Yanovitsky, while Gundersen assisted them move fraud proceeds. Each hacker faces as much as two decades of incarceration around the wire fraud conspiracy count only.

As the Ukrainian accused havent been taken yet, the united states hacker was likely to answer the charge in the court later. Meanwhile, charges against another defendant, Ilya Ostapyuk, were ignored a couple of several weeks ago, based on court public records. For another 4 accused, they either pleaded guilty or still face charges.
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Friday, 28 March 2014

Blackhat Hackers Pays more then I.T Companies in zero-day market


Both black and gray markets are increasingly becoming more generous to hackers than different IT Companies and social networking sites. 
WhoGotHacked has researched the matter thoroughly and after examining bug bounty amounts offered by some famous IT Companies and comparing them with the money offered by Black Markets for same bugs, Both black and gray markets are increasingly becoming more generous to hackers than different IT Companies and social networking sites. WhoGotHacked has researched the matter throughly and after examining bug bounty amounts offered by some famous IT Companies and comparing them with the money offered by Black Markets for same bugs, WhoGotHacked has come to conclude that Black Markets offer twice as much for the submission of exploits and 0days as offered by IT Companies. This has been attracting more and more hackers and security researchers to turn to black Markets ,instead of IT Companies, for better prospects in return of their bug submission. has come to conclude that Black Markets offer twice as much for the submission of exploits and 0days as offered by IT Companies. This has been attracting more and more hackers and security researchers to turn to black Markets ,instead of IT Companies, for better prospects in return of their bug submission.

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Google denies accessing journalist's email to spy on leakers


Google was accused of spying by TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington, a journalist, who accused the technology giant of breaking into his email account to know who was sending Arrington the emails of Google's internal affairs.
 However Google denies the charge calling it "serious and unimaginable". In a statement to Recode on Tuesday, Google General Counsel Kent Walker.said that although the terms of Service allowed the company to do so yet they had done no such spying on user. Arrington said that he had an accomplice inside Google who used to send him emails about what is happening inside Google. 
He was fired lately after shown an email mirror of Arrington's account showing the former's correspondence with Arrington. This could not have been possible without Google's breaking into my account, said Arrington.

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Hackers hit Monster Jobs users with Gameover Zeus malware.


 Hackers are increasingly targeting online recruiting companies for unkown purpose. Hackers are using a malware called Gameover Zues to attack users applying for online job portals. 
 F-Secure researchers reported the campaign Gameover may be aimed at comprising HR departments which use Monster. These HR departments might possibly be linked to financial transactions which could server as key for hackers to get access to companies' financial data. However the exact motive behind Gameover remains precisely unknown. According F-Secure's analyst Sullivan hackers first trick user to install the malware on their computers.
 Once installed the malwares steal user name and password of the users on recruiting portals. By using fake biodata forms the malware then prompts the user to provide it with other credentials. Sullivan told that they had requested the Monster to comment upon the issue.
 They have received no response as yet. F-Secure advice the recruiting portals to adopt two step authentication for registration. As this secure and will not allow the ambitious third parties to intrude between the recruiting and recruit.

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Are You Ready For Nullcon - Goa 2010


Nullcon are some conferences in India which are made for hackers and security guys, i was pretty exited to know about them as they are going to took place on the 6th - 7th of February of 2010.

 Are You Ready For Nullcon - Goa 2010

The con is pretty respected as many of the known security officials are joining inn the con. Some of the Speakers at the con are Veysel Ozer, Cassio Goldschmidt, Lavakumar Kuppan and many others. You can view the whole Plot here.

Many of the cons are being started like the Shoo and others also. But its great to see some starting in India too. Null con is going to be awesome and i am pretty sure you should join in too...

With the Association of SANS these cons would be landed in Goa, Bangalore and some of them in Puna. This is gona be Big.

Well i am not going to be in the con as of my schools, so i just got some pics for you guys.

  [ Source : Flick ]

I wouldn't be there but you should join it as a great man comes with a great resources. Here are some of the information regarding the con.

Conference Pass

STATUTORY WARNING: nullcon can cause severe exposure to high octane gyan and could leave participants exhausted with wild shack parties. Beware, Be There.

You can Register Here.

Happy Cons @hackerthedude

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Angelina Jolie and Barack Obama #1 Choice of Spammers [Report]

MacAfee inc have just released there monthly report on the most Spammed people in the world and this month was special as it is the 1st month of the new year 2010.

Angelina Jolie and Barack Obama #1 Spammed [Report]
There are many others also included in the report published yesterday and you care right the most obvious subjects for spammers are none other then the president of United States "Barak Obama" and one of the most beautiful Actress "Angelina Jolie".

“Free-hosting” websites to provide spam URLs have also become a major target for spammers in this arena. As this to me is obvious as most of us want Free-Hosting for our files and web space.

McAfee Labs™ Discovers and Discusses Key Spam Trends By Adam Wosotowsky and Elan Winkler.  Going Straight away to the reports lets look at the Top Most Spammed Actress in the world...

Top Most Spammed Women's
Well if you ask me then its brutal, just see the no. of spam's around the Angelina Jolie there is. But if you see the reports of Oprah Winfrey then its just about the same of the Angelina Jolie.
Top Most Spammed Mens
The Figure looks pretty mind Blowing as you can see the no #1 is Barak Obama and then comes Michael Jackson. But As a matter of fact the No. of spam's for the Angelina Jolie just are very behind the number of spam's for the US president Barak Obama.

Its a shame, We nailed it XD

Whosoever is the #1 or #2 doesn't matter as the number of spam's are increasing around the world and the most of them are popular people's around the world from the Barak Obama to Angelina Jolie.

Looking at the fact that the Free Hosting is the one most added spam's. It will always be there as many people are now getting aware of the web services and most of them wants it free and that's how the spamming would goes.

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Can You Believe Playstation 3 Just Got Rooted - Geohot


Well its kinda like the days are over of PS3 to be called secure because of a true fact that, the hacker behind some of the iPhone jail breaking and iPod too is behind the Playstation 3 Hardware and is nearly finished with the exploit.

Can You Believe Playstation 3 Just Got Rooted - Geohot

On 22nd of this month the so known hacker George Hotz aka Geohot have claimed that he have successfully hacked the play station 3 box which he got from his friend.

I have read/write access to the entire system memory, and HV level access to the processor. In other words, I have hacked the PS3. The rest is just software. And reversing. I have a lot of reversing ahead of me, as I now have dumps of LV0 and LV1. I've also dumped the NAND without removing it or a modchip.

The exploit which he is talking about and is working on is not till yet done and haven't been released by him….

As of now the Geohot is kind of quite about the exploit and its usage and writing about it :

“As far as the exploit goes, I’m not revealing it yet. The theory isn’t really patchable, but they can make implementations much harder.”

Can You Believe Playstation 3 Just Got Rooted - Geohot

Well lets see what happens when the exploit would be out and there would be fight between the sony and geohot on the security hole as he is also not sure about the whole thing that it could be patched or not.

In particular, he said, he would publish details of the console's "root key", a master code that once known would make it easier for others to decipher and hack other security features on the console.

On the other hand the sony officials are working hard to find what the George finded in the console. As of now they have said "We are investigating the report and will clarify the situation once we have more information,".

He says alot of reverse engineering have been left for him with the box to hack it fully.

Lets hop he finds the right exploit to hack the ps3. As it would be the first time after 3 Years and 2 months and some days that the Sony ps3 which is so know for its security is hacked successfully in which anybody can run pirated games and even modify them.


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Gmail Goes https For Secure : Wi-Fi Protection


Google Just announced they are now moving to the Stable connection of https rather then the traditional connection of http. Gmail previously have also announced that they are making the Mails on https security but now Google is changing the whole connection to https.

Gmail Goes https For Secure : Wi-Fi Protection

The Reason are straight the Google is pretty much haded with the Chinese issues going onn. So its just the China which made this possible and special thanks to the hackers, as many of the people are now using SLL on their Gmail.

A group of 37 security and privacy specialists sent Google a letter (PDF) last June, urging the company to offer this feature. Gmail became the third-largest email provider last August, with more than 37 million unique visitors...


You can also change the Default use of https on your Gmail account by going into settings and checking Not always use https. The new turn in this story of Gay is that, Google is making this because of the Wi-Fi owners as many people are now using wifi and making a secure connection will be good.

This is pretty obvious that Google is haded with its security and is on a way to change the way it is done. Lets see if this https stops us from Hacking.

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HITB Ezine Issue 1 Released : Keeping Knowledge Free


Hack in the box and popularly known as HITB have released the new Ezine's for their magazine. The new ezine contains some of the major updates and to provide security researchers a new Outlet for the reading digests.

HITB Ezine Issue 1 Released : “Keeping Knowledge Free”

Set with the release on the New Year 2010, the new ezine covers some of the most popular and some of the interesting news for the security researchers and pentesters.  The Ezine which will be distributed in the [.pdf ] extension are freely to download and to publish also.

The Ezine in my views is a good initiative in the field of security. We haven't got the stats of the downloaded copies but as we will be updated, we will press it...

The contents are pretty awesome if you see from my eyes consisting of some of the arts of intrusions and some good articles.


As you can see in this above [pic] the contents are based on some of the intrusion terms like The Art of DLL injection, LDAP Injections . They seem to be best for hackers like us based on the crucial factor as they are made by some Security experts.

Decorated with some useful photos and diagrams these are some high quality magazines to look for and we hope that it is useful for other too.

So, What do you Think ?

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US Army Website Defaced : TinKode Strike Again


3fe33fb6-b225-477e-8b86-5005a7f5479ebtr us army logoTinkode is an awesome hacker who have hacked many websites previous with his qualities in sql injections and Xss abilities and have defaced many big websites.

But this time Tinkode website is also down. Tinkode some days before hacked and defaced the website of UN Army website named with the vulnerability of Blind Sql injection in it.

But Apparently his website is down too and the reason remains the same he hacked the website of UN Army. The day Army website was hacked just the other day of it the website of Tinkode was down. I was having a eye on this and was pretty sure about this incident...

The US army website is Down and as is the website of Tinkode. The vulnerability he used was same as most of the big website including Intel, and many others are being hacked. Which we have covered in the previous posts.

Screen Shots tells the story easy way. So enjoy them -

 1=1– (True)

1=2– (False)

all main informations about webserver.

so let’s see the tables from principal database “AHOS”

Note : Last Screenshot isn't Here because of privacy.

This is a clear vision of what happens to the hackers, when they found a vulnerability in the website and hack them. But whatever is the main reason of letting down the website of Tinkode the matter remains the same.

Tinkode which have previously hacked many ig websites like Kaspersky Thailand,, ESET NOD 32, Apple, Yahoo Blind SQL Injection etc Ya, he is awesome .

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