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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Arab Hackers Breach Israeli Cyberspace and Threaten Israeli Journalists.

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Recently, Muslim hackers breached Israeli cyberspace and comprised Following this attack, hundreds of Israeli citizen and journalists have been receiving threatening text sms warning them of grave consequences and possible retaliation if Israel continues in occupying Gaza.

 Time of Israel has been tracing the activity and suggests that the hundreds phone numbers of citizens and journalists who are receiving SMS had been stolen when Israeli defense forum was compromised last month. Some of text msgs received by Israeli reads as follows: " ‘revenge’, “a warning to the Zionists, the al-Qassam rockets are waiting for you”, “Al-Qassam has chosen you to be the next Shalite (sic),” a reference to Gilad Shalit, an Israeli soldier kidnapped by Palestinians.
The message below the photo caption read: Ten years ago, Ismail Ahmed Yassin, our leader, was killed by three missiles as he left a mosque after morning prayers. This is a reminder that we do not forget our Sheikh’s blood on your hands. We vow once again that we will take revenge, and cut off the heads of your commanders.”

They gave stern warnings:
"Missiles killed our Sheikh and now, our missiles will hit every place in the State of Israel. Know that the next war will see the end of your country.” Furthermore, hacked email address of Israel's defense fourm is also sending threating emails to its subscribers. So far Israeli cyber security agencies have been unable to stop these sms.

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