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Monday, 21 April 2014

Google kept the Heartbleed Bug hidden from Government

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As the Heartbleed bug has been over-rated as thousands of websites were vulnerable to the exploit. Heartbleed might be one of the most famous bugs which have been over-rated  and the most famous exploit ever discovered till now but the researchers which found this exploit didn't revealed it to the world.

In the days of discovery of the bug , Different companies are working on its patch as its a serious bug which should be patched before the site is exploited , Oracle is working on Heartbleed bug fixes as we have heard.

Including big companies websites and other hundreds of website are vulnerable to Heartbleed bug and the companies have warned its customers about the bug exploitation and Oracle is working on its patches.

According to the report published by Sydney Morning Herald , NSA was blamed that NSA knew about the Heartbleed bug from a long time but they didn't leaked it.

After Bloomberg article was published last week, the agency spokesman Vanee told the Time Magzine that,  “NSA was not aware of the recently identified vulnerability in OpenSSL, the so-called Heartbleed vulnerability, until it was made public in a private-sector cybersecurity report. Reports that say otherwise are wrong.”

The Google security researcher Neel Mehta discovered the Heartbleed bug on March 21 or before as SMH reported and by the evening the company created a patch for the vulnerability, The NSA too discovered the vulnerability.

“Eliminating the vulnerabilities — ‘patching’ them — strengthens the security of US government, critical infrastructure, and other computer systems,” the group urged President Barack Obama.

The mos interesting thing is that when Google discovered the Heartbleed vulnerability on March 21 so they even patched this vulnerability till the evening. 

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