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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Full Disclosure mailing list coming back , started again from scratch

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Full Disclosure, an open online forum for sharing 0days, exploits and vulnerabilities, is coming back after a temporary suspension. It now comes back online with a new vision and under a new owner. Full Disclosure (aka F-D) had been a famous online security research forum since 2002 when it was taken down by its owner John Cartwright on 19 March due to what he called "Some legal formalities". F-D had to face closure when it mistakenly published an email containing 0days ,which a Danish Security Company " Secunia," claimed had been the it's copyrighted material. 

However, one of the F-D's founder and owner of various other security forums, Gordon Lyon (aka Fyodor) has decided to bring the forum online again "with new vision". He said that he had enough experience to handle legalities. It would be quite difficult for me to cope up with these threats, He said. He told that F-D as an forum could be closed but it couldn't be closed as a philosophy.

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