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Friday, 28 March 2014

Hackers hit Monster Jobs users with Gameover Zeus malware.

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 Hackers are increasingly targeting online recruiting companies for unkown purpose. Hackers are using a malware called Gameover Zues to attack users applying for online job portals. 
 F-Secure researchers reported the campaign Gameover may be aimed at comprising HR departments which use Monster. These HR departments might possibly be linked to financial transactions which could server as key for hackers to get access to companies' financial data. However the exact motive behind Gameover remains precisely unknown. According F-Secure's analyst Sullivan hackers first trick user to install the malware on their computers.
 Once installed the malwares steal user name and password of the users on recruiting portals. By using fake biodata forms the malware then prompts the user to provide it with other credentials. Sullivan told that they had requested the Monster to comment upon the issue.
 They have received no response as yet. F-Secure advice the recruiting portals to adopt two step authentication for registration. As this secure and will not allow the ambitious third parties to intrude between the recruiting and recruit.

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