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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Hacker arrested for Hacking into Miss USA 2013's Computer

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Abraham a California college student hve been arrested by law enforcement for hacking into 100s of girls computer and forcing them to come naked at webcam , the hacker also hacked into miss Teen USA 2013 and stolen her nude photos from her computer. hacker have been sentenced 18 months jail in federal prison. the news came in high light when young beauty queen Cassidy wolf (Miss teen USA2013) step forward and said Jared James Abrahams who was her ex class mate force her to come at webcam otherwise he will leak her photos.
Abrahams, 20, pleaded guilty for hacking into Cassidy Wolf's computer user a
Eisner said Abrahams' parents also spoke at the hearing, asking the judge to take into account their son's age and struggles with Asperger's syndrome.
"Certain people are motivated by different things, and Jare"RAT"

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