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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Hacker Crashes Google Play store two times in a row

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type='html'> applications and updates were blocked  in Google's Play Store on Monday, after a hacker hacks into Google's app publishing system.

Google play publishing system "Google's Developer Console" was crashed first at sunday night , Many developers were unable to upload there applicatons , Issue was resolved by administration in Monday morningit seems Developer console has been crashed once again as a developers wrote in
Google forum, "problem started again."
On the same time many android users don't have access to the update there applications.
Earlier today Ibrahim Balic, a Turkish hacker, claimed responsibility for the attack. He said the developer console crashed when he tried to test a vulnerability he discovered.

Balic pleaded forgiveness from his online peers.
"I didn't have any malicious aim, I am so sorry for this damage."
He said the site crashed again when he uploaded the app to Google's publishing system a second time.
"I just wanted to be sure about (the) vulnerability," he said.

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