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Monday, 24 March 2014

Infamous Russian Malware Expert Farid Esseber aka Diablo Arrested in Thailand

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Farid Esseber's Profile photo

Infamous Hacker Farid Esseber who is also known as the creator of Zotob malware which infected television channels CNN International and ABC News, the New York Times newspaper, computer giant Microsoft and San Francisco airport, gets arrested yesterday in Thailand.
Farid esseber is the same who used Dialb0 as his Handle name for whom
Microsoft used 50 investigators and had put a $250,000 reward for the capture of the Hacked(s). Microsoft's General counsel declared on August 26, 2005 that "The fact that we were able to see these arrests in less than two weeks and see them halfway around the world really drives that point home."

Farid Esseber is dual Moroccan-Russian nationality this time arrested in bangkok , last time Esseber was arrested for two years when he was 18 in Morocco on the request of FBI

A Thai court will now decide that the 27 year old Farid Esseber will be handed over to swiss authorities which sought the international warrant. Currently Police is searching for two more Russian suspects from Esseber's team who are supposed to be in Thailand.

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