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Monday, 17 March 2014

Missing Flight MH370 Hi-Tech Hacking and Hijacking (Hack-Jacked)

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Search Operation for missing MH370

 8 March 2014 Flight MH370 from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Beijing,China stop communicating with ground just after 40 minutes flyy , till now after 6 days there is no sign of any Crash , According to the data collected by Roll Royce "The Engine Manufacturer of Boeing 777" said that the plane kept flying for further 4 hours.
  In search operation more then 40 Ships and 50 aircarft are taking participation from 12 different nations but still no Debris is found till now.
 many questions rises what happen to Flight MH370 , There are many theories about this incident from Crash to Aliens.
   The question "what happen actually" is still unknown. But a Point to be noticed, 18 people were able to ring there relatives passenger's cell phones even after 2 hours. These 18 people have also sign on a paper which was submitted to the airline. So it was cleared that Aircraft wasn't Crash after breaking the link with ground crew.  
 After all only 2 possibilities left.
  • MH370 was Hijacked by Cyber warfare and to land somewhere. 
  • 25 Hi-Tech Expert Working for Different Defense Department were on Board, Something went wrong accidentally while playing with Aircraft and Aircraft change the direction while loosing all connectivity. 
 For Knowing what was happen actually , First of all we have to know why Connectivity was lost and was there any technical failure. No there cant be any technical failure as Boeing 777's hardware and software are checked before every flight.
 While Talking to an Aeronautical Engineer who once worked for Emirates Airline I Came to know that Boeing 777 is an advance aircraft and having multiple Devices for each task.

The technology used for communication in Boeing 777 is as Following

  • ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast)  
 Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broad cast system also known as ADS-B is used usually aimed to replace primary Radar. It is also known as "Next Generation Air Transportation System".

  •  ACARS (Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System)
ACARS is used for sending and recieving text messages From aircraft to ground stations via VHF Radio or satellite. Ground station uses ACARS by ATC and airlines mainly.

While SDR Software and Hardware are used for these both Protocols.For Locating airplane mostly GPS is used. As we know already GPS can be spoofed easily a fresh example is Iranian Hacked into USA's Drone by spoofing its GPS and using Image technology.
By Only Spoofing GPS Plane can't change direction as control tower is monitoring it via ACARS and ADS-B and Radar which keeps on confirming aircraft's hight and path.

In Case of MH370, The Peninsula don't have good coverage of ADS-B

as in the above image red circle's are ADS-B coverage area, as Plane enters into the Vietnam's Sea the ADS-B coverage was very weak. So plane was communicating on ACARS. The question rises Why ACARS didn't communicate with control tower , while a plane flying near MH370 contacted the flight on Radio at Emergency frequency. The Pilot Told that MH370 was replying but the sound was crippling .

As we know there are few agencies have allot of funding and are unaccountable , who developed system like PRISM , XKEYSTROKE , TEMPORA , GAO etc are working on advance cyber warefare ,
in early 2013 at Hack in the Box Netherlands a "TESO" Demonstrate a video how a jet can be hacked in simulator environment he also developed an android application named as Planesploit, Each technology developed by United state is already backdoor from Server to router and from Car to Fighter Jets sold to other countries. (Referance:Snowden)

Recently in November 2013 United state's government makes an announcement about unauthorized access to Electronic system of Boeing 777-200, 300 and -300 ER.  Only few security threats were unleashed by the united states government on the other hand United state have developed much better cyberwar weapons an Example from Israel.
In a 2007, ‘the Syrian military observed this E-warfare when Israeli planes ‘spoofed’ the country’s air-defense radars, making it appear that no jets were in the sky and then in an instant making the radar believe the sky was filled with hundreds of planes.”

It seems the 25+ Hi-Tech Geeks present in Airline which were working in 5 different Companies which work for united state's department of Defense's Tech wing. Who may have Hijacked it as an assignment or any any individual have been playing with the Jet which went wrong ,

Main point to be noticed
  • Why Aircraft moved at 100 degree left on the route where ADS-B coverage was too low . Only people remain close to ADS-B knows where its coverage is low and where its coverage is full.
  • How USA Knows Plane flew toward Indian Ocean.
  • What these 25 Hi-Tech Monkeys were doing on the Plane?
  •  If Plane was crashed why Cellphones were working?
  • Why did Plane changed its path.
 What was actually happen.

  • GPS was spoofed to change the direction.
  • SDR software was exploited to control the communication.
  • Cockpit was given instruction from some of these Hi-Tech guys instead of Ground as SDR system was compromised which handle ACARS and ADS-B protocols.
  • Plane didn't crashed it lands somewhere at a safe station.
  • May be to hide all this United state's government kill all people on board because.
  • The Malaysian region was choose for this Cyber Drill  because of low air surveillance.

The things which are planned sophisticated  never went wrong !!!

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