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Monday, 17 March 2014

North Dakota University system gets Hacked , 290,000 students data accessed

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The North Dakota University System (NDUS) recently gets hacked , University administration start notifying 290,000 current and former students and along with 780 faculty and staff members that their personal information, including login details may have been compromised when a hacked hacks into university's server.
According to NDUS , The Hacker Used University's server as a proxy to hack other servers.
university administration says:-

"Our investigation, as well as the investigation of an external forensics organization, revealed that even though an unauthorized person(s) did gain access to the server, there was no evidence that any sensitive information was accessed or transferred from the server,Based on the forensic investigation, it is likely the intruder's intent was only to use the server's processing power to launch attacks on other computers and systems."
 The Hack was discovered on February 7, 2014, when university took server down.

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