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Monday, 17 March 2014

Pwn2own: Chrome, Safari, IE, Firefox Exploited,Researchers earn $1m

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Annual CanSecWest conference in Vancouver and Pwnium Pwn2Own hacking contests, prizes, security researchers earned more than a million dollars to download code 34 serious zero-day flaws exposed , and the Canadian Red Cross for $ 82 , 000 earned more .

On stage their attacks successfully demonstrate and walk away with cash - Pwn2Own and Pwnium competitions each competitor 's supposedly safe to execute malicious code to exploit vulnerabilities in software are challenged have . Hopefully the bugs can be fixed so that a program of private ownership techniques used are disclosed .

Chrome , Safari , Internet Explorer and Firefox - HP TippingPoint 's Pwn2Own contest researchers captured all major browsers with Flash as $ 850,000 , with 30 minutes for each time attacks fell within the range had . Oracle tries to crack the code that researchers have long came up with some interesting techniques although only advanced Java, time-limited attacks conducted .

"Pwn2Own bug bounty programs to the appropriate software really are just an extension of the test , " Brian Gorenc, HP 's Zero Day Initiative threat research manager told the Register .

"It proves the software that slipped through quality control errors will be picked up by those skilled allow Independents giving is about . Prize money it is well worth . "

Meanwhile than Google's fourth Pwnium , a skilled cracker himself $ 150,000 and get subverted laptop , running on an HP Chromebook 11 Chrome OS broke into the chocolate factory . A researcher has found a way to share their efforts by Google to receive a reduced award .

Raised $ 82,500 for the Canadian Red Cross and some major flaws which expose dubbed Pwn4Fun a fun competition between Google and HP , did not . Gorenc Google staff at six zero-day vulnerabilities in Microsoft's code , as well as Apple iOS got a kernel problem .

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