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Monday, 17 March 2014

UK's £20m worth Cyberwarfare programme Exposed

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According to "The Guardian" United Kindom's ministry of defense had started  a multi million pound research which will be the new face of cyberwarfare in near future.

The research includes how social media like twitter and facebook can be used to win a psychological war and how to change public beliefs for military purpose. Researched woring under UK's minitry of defense are working on the impact of live video-sharing , which is being funded by the Uk government in partnership with different Defense contractors.

The guardian said: "We have seen a list of those hired to deliver research projects, which have titles such as Understanding Online Avatars, Cognitive and Behaviour Concepts of Cyber Activities, and Novel Techniques for Public Sentiment and Perception Elicitation , centre of excellence" managed by BAE Systems, which has received about £20m-worth of MoD funding since 2012. The MoD plans to procure a further £10m-worth of research through the centre this year.

 Situation is pretty critical government is spoiling Internet along with social media to turn public in favor of there negative propaganda. it seems there is a need of a new revolution to stop these governments from turning internet into a "HELL".

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