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Monday, 24 March 2014

Zorenium Botnet infecting IOS at massive level

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Developers of Zorenium botnet have added new features to infect IOS in there latest updates , while Zorenium is already capable for infecting Windows and Unix based operating systems.

Basic lisence of Zorenium is being sold for £350 without the rootkit and banker Trojan and Bitcoin miner, , whilewhile full version which includes those modules is being sold for  £2,000. The Zorenium botnet with Tor and P2P capability for C&C is being sold for £5,000.

 Tanya Koyfman and Assaf Keren From SenseCy blog said:- “Recently our analysts have been monitoring the advancement of a new threat in the commercial malware theater – the Zorenium Bot. Zorenium a relatively new and unknown bot, which has been up for sale in the underground from January 2014 is getting new features in its March 18th update, including, also, ability to infect iOS devices (version 5-7), alongside its existing capabilities to run on Linux and Windows based machines. Also, in this update, the developers have updated the rootkit to TDL4 (This making it vulnerable to anti TDSS tools),”

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