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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Hackers use security camera DVRs for bitcoin Mining

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Security researchers at the SANS Institute's Internet Storm Center has reported that hackers are using DVRs, a device which receive and process images from security camera, as Bitcoin mining rigs. 

The malware is compiled for ARM CPUs, so it's a specialist nasty. They hackers have created a custom code which can be injected into DVRs. For this hackers will have to brute force or social engineer the passwords. 

In case of security cameras the password is usually easy can be brute forced with in short period. After getting administerative privileges, hackers will install a simple yet nasty malware on the host machine. 

This malware scans for vulnerable Synology Disk Stations as well as attempting tomine BitCoins. "The malware is an ARM binary, indicating that it is targeting devices, not your typical x86 Linux server," explains SANS Institute researcher Johannes Ullrich in a write-up . 

The malicious code is only scanning for vulnerable Synology Disk Stations and not doing anything on these insecure networks attached storage devices, at least for now.

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