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Monday, 21 April 2014

Scammers suspected for stealing millions and infecting computers through 'Zeus'

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Nine people linked with 'Zeus' malware have been blamed for stealing million and infecting thousands of computers, federal officials announced on Friday as they declared the code "one of the most damaging pieces of financial malware that has ever been used."

A blame in PDF File has been unsealed Friday charges nine people, most of them belongs to Ukraine. The authorities said that the defendants used 'Zeus' to steal passwords , accoutn numbers and personal identocation numbers.

According to the Justice Department , Kulibaba approximately ran 'the conspirators' a money laundering network in U.S which provided money mules and their banking credentials from U.S based victims accounts.

First seen in 2007 , malwares based on 'Zeus' infected millions of computers world wide. In 2010 a study by company RSA  a network securioty company conlcuded that 500 companies showed evidence of some form a 'Zeus' botnet infection.

Zeus was being sold as a commerical product on $700 price and Its source code was posted in many forums in 2011 by several hackers.

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