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Monday, 17 March 2014

NATO under cyber attack by Ukrainian Hackers

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Several websites belong to NATO went offline by Ukrainian hackers to support there agenda .
Oana Lungescu Spokeswoman for the military alliance said"a significant DDoS (denial of service) attack", but that it had had "no operational impact". 
 Under DDOS attack hackers send a huge sum of traffic to the website making in unreaachable"
Hackers said thats they had targeted three NATO websites over what it claimed was the alliance's interference in Ukraine and support of the "Kiev junta".
"We will not allow the presence of NATO in our homeland," said the statement, which could not be independently verified" 
Cyber war is too hot now a days on one side MH370 have been Hack-Jacked on the Other side US Drone was Hacked and it seems hackers from Darknet started attacking high profile websites to support there personal agenda and the voice of opressed.

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