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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Hackers Target Al Arabiya, Leak Passwords After Exploiting Zimbra Vulnerability.

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Hackers associated with notorious LullzCrew are back in public stunts. Yesterday they targeted Al Arabia, Saudi owned Tv Channel, and leaked its sensitive data. Lullz Crew says it's back again and now it has teamed up with Horsemen of Lullz, another hacktivist group, to launch a massive operation against the system. Lullz Crew had been in news for attacking largest media organization before. 

This time too, they have targeted Al Arabia, the leading media franchise in Middle East. The hackers wrote in a statement next to the data they leaked, " Al Arabiya is the second largest news agency in the Middle East. 

Considering we've been targeting large media corporations? Well, it falls right into our range; So, without further ado. NullCrew and The Horsement Of Lulz persent to you? The candies,” The hackers exploited the vulnerability in email and web client software Zimbra to gain access to data. LullzCrew told Softpedia that they have got access to a huge amount of data , “Do we plan to release more? It all depends on how much use it holds to us, things of particular use can be used over, and over again. We treat certain data the same way we treat 0day. Why leak it when it can be used properly down the road?” they told in a Twitter message.

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